$375 Single/ $700 Double  
Inertia Style
Add Utility Belt?
Extra EL Blades?
Purple Blade + $79.99
Orange Blade + $79.99
Blue Blade + $79.99
Green Blade + $79.99

Classification: Double Bladed EL Saber

We are proud to present the EL Inertia™ Saber with Magnetic Coupler Technology. The Inertia™ is a double bladed saber that can detach into two separate sabers. Using the Magnetic Coupler you can quickly attach or de-attach the Staff mode. No assembly required! Your friends will be shocked and amazed when they see a saber of this caliber in action.

The Inertia™ also comes as a single / non-dual saber. This means you only get one half of the staff without the Magnetic Coupler. However, to take full advantage of this saber's unique Magnetic Coupler the Dual Staff is your only choice!

What is the Magnetic Coupler?
The Magnetic Coupler is a highly powered magnetic system which locks into place the two saber halves on contact. (Please see picture below.)

* New Strobbing Electronic Bubble Switch (Prototype shown. Colors may vary in production.)
* Magnetic Coupler
* Machined / Anodized Aluminum Body
* Internal Lighting System
* Stainless Steel Rear
* Laser Cut Clamp Assembly

The Yellow, Orange and Purple blade colors do not work with this EL Saber.

Our sabers are extremely durable and virtually unbreakable therefore it is of a concern for safety that you do not participate in any form of fencing or swordplay. Fencing or swordplay will cause serious damage to people, pets or property and should only be left to trained professionals.