Information About Ordering

Production time is approximately 10-12 weeks from date of order on all saber orders.

Manufacturer Warranty:

Every product manufactured by Parks sabers and or Jeffrey A. Parks comes with a 30-day warranty against manufacturer defects. If a defective product has been returned to Parks Sabers and the defect found in the returned item originated from the manufacturer a new product will be issued free of charge. Also, if the defect originated from the manufacturer, all shipping charges will be assumed by Parks sabers. If the defect is derived from customer use, repair and shipping charges will be accrued at the customer's expense.

Return Policy

If a customer is not satisfied with their saber purchase within 5-days from date of delivery, the customer may return their order, which proved unsatisfactory. A restock fee of 15% will be assessed to the refund. Shipping fees are non-refundable. Parks Sabers will issue the refund within 10 days of having received the returned product. Charges for returning the item will be accrued at the customer's expense.

Order Cancellations and Restocking Charges

If a customer cancels an order before it has been shipped, a 15% per item restocking fee will be assessed.

Manufacturer Recommendations

The Echelon™ Saber, and or any other Saber is not intended for simulated sword play or fencing. Parks™ Sabers should never be thrown or swung around people, pets, or property. It should not be worn during any kind of physical activity including running, jumping, or walking down stairs. These statements are for the protection of the owner. Parks™ Sabers accepts no liability in the misuse of its products.

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Due to the volume of orders galaxy-wide from this web site, and that humans require small amounts of sleep, (a biological condition of temporary unconsciousness) please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery from date order is received.